Educational Concerts

Online delivery means music education anytime, anywhere

The annual student education concerts are a long-standing tradition of the Valley Symphony Orchestra. Because safety is our first priority and the risks remain too great for in-person concerts, this year we will be offering an online educational concerts experience. During the month of January, we’ll make an exclusive program available on-demand via to educational concert participants. The 30-minute program will feature selections that show off each section of the orchestra, all hosted by Maestro Peter Dabrowski.

A Closer Look at the Music

The Maestro has curated an engaging program that will provide a tour of the entire symphony through dynamic chamber performances:

Erno Dohnányi — Piano Quintet No. 1 in C-Minor, Op. 1 – I. Allegro
Leopold Godovsky — Triakontameron – Old Vienna
Francis Poulenc — Sextet for Woodwind and Piano, Op. 100 – II. Divertissement
Dave Hall — Escape Velocity
Jan Koetsier — Brass Quintet, Op. 65 – III. Molto Vivace

The state of the art video production of this program allows students to see the performances up-close and in-action.

The Maestro will share remarks on the rhythms, instruments, and other musical concepts illustrated by the concerts — which will also come with an educator’s preparatory guide.

For a flat fee, you will be able to provide the educational concerts to all students in a classroom, on a campus, or across your entire district. The concerts will be available through an online portal and easily distributable via e-learning platforms.

View and download the education concerts registration packet.

Contact Mayra Reyes Romero for more information at